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Gone Paintin' // Casting Your Net to Lighten Your Load

We tend to multitask all of the things required when running a business because of some reason (money, trust, etc.), so we end up just being mediocre in everything we’re trying to do. What happens when you delegate all of those tasks to highly skilled professionals and stick to doing what you love? Read more to find out how outsourcing is working for me and could do the same for you!

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5 Instagram Accounts that Will Leave You Creating Constantly

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If you're anything like myself, you probably check your Instagram feed far more than your Facebook. Users are allowed to be more creative with their posts which gives the IG platform a more pleasing aesthetic and is ultimately more fun to use. After converting my personal Instagram account into a storefront for my paintings and creations, I started to build relationships with fellow artists and stores. None of these people grew up in my hometown, went to my alma mater (hotty toddy, people), or lived down the street. They are complete strangers from all over the world that inspire me...

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